Technology Support Request

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
Sherry Hahn, Digital Learning Coordinator
Policy Category


All technology related work completed on WSSB’s campus must be preceded by a completed, Technology Support Request.  The purpose of the Technology Support Request is to facilitate the work process and to provide a record of corrective action and materials costs.


  1. Initiating Staff:  Staff shall complete the Technology Support Request Form available on each workstation. The Technology Request Form is automatically sent to the IT System Specialist and a copy to the IT Supervisor. Fill out the form, fully describing the problem. In the event that you cannot access your computer workstation, call the IT System Specialist describing the problem and the Specialist will fill out the form.                                                              
  2. IT System Specialist:  The IT System Specialist will respond to each request within two working days. In the event that the scheduled service cannot be completed within the time allowed, the IT Specialist will email the staff member to indicate the reason for the delay and an estimated date of completion. A copy will go the IT Supervisor.
  3. IT System Supervisor:  The IT System Supervisor will meet with IT System Specialist daily and review work to be completed. IT System Supervisor will spot check with staff for satisfaction of work completed.
  4. Initiating Staff:  If the work has not been accomplished or you have not been contacted about a delay within one week of the submission date of the Technology Support Request, contact the IT System Supervisor via e-mail or phone.

NOTE:  The above procedures pertain to routine support requests. Emergency service requests are to be made to the IT Supervisor: 696-6321, ext. 133. If the IT Supervisor is not available calls should go to an administrator or the superintendent’s secretary.  Someone will get right back to you.