Business Office


The business office provides direction and oversight for all functions, compliance and activities of the Finance and Human Resources Departments including employee and labor relations, risk management, L&I, recruitment and selection, classification/compensation, benefits, training, payroll, budget, accounts payable and receivable, grants, audits, purchasing and contract development.

The business office provides support to approximately 200 internal customers (staff and students) and 240 external customers.

Business Office Team

Mary Sarate, a middle age woman with dark hair wearing a black sweater and bold jewelry.

Mary Sarate

Director of Business & Finance


Tesfa Amene, middle age man, shaved hair, has smiling face with deep thought, and green bushes at the background.

Tesfa Amene

Fiscal Analyst


Sheryl Howe, a middle aged woman with a great head of wavy red hair smiling

Sheryl Howe

Fiscal Analyst


Kyle Smelter, A young adult man wearing a button-down shirt and short hair standing next to a wall and smiling

Kyle Smelter

Fiscal Analyst


Joel Stanger standing outside of Old Main

Joel Stanger

Procurement & Supply Specialist


Placeholder image.

Heidi Quiogue

Fiscal Analyst 3