Facility Use Rentals

Welcome facility renters!

We are excited to welcome our community to utilize the WSSB campus for rentals.  We require an online form to request use of our facilities, a Certificate of Liability Insurance (for all rentals), a statement of compliance for SB 5083 (for all youth events), and all rentals must be prepaid.

We offer facility rentals in our Stenehjem Fitness Center from Friday’s at 4pm through Sunday’s at 8pm and locations in our Old Main building by request during the week and weekends.

If interested, please use this link to fill out the initial portion of the rental process:  https://tinyurl.com/WSSBFacilityRental


Old Main Building

  • Fries Auditorium: The Fries Auditorium has a pipe organ and piano on the stage. The auditorium seats approximately 175 (theater style seating) and also has a balcony for overflow seating (balcony available upon special request). The auditorium is available for rental Friday's at 4pm through Sunday's at 8pm.
  • Dining Room: The Dining Room has capacity for approximately 50 people (round tables with chairs). The room is an actual school cafeteria. The school does not have a kitchen available nor do we provide catering services. The Dining Room is not available during school hours.
  • Board Room: The Board Room is a smaller room available for rental. This room has a table and chairs and can accommodate approximately 12 people around the table with additional seating available in the room. This space is available during school hours.

Irwin Educational Building (not available during school hours)

  • Sherman Auditorium: The Sherman Auditorium stage (21 1/2 ft wide x 24 ft deep) is larger than the Fries Auditorium. Seating is fixed seating, theater style (approximately 230 seats). There is a sound and light system; however WSSB staff do not provide these services during the rentals.
  • Commons: The Commons is a small meeting area that has several tables and chairs available.
  • Library: The Library is located in the Irwin building and can be rented upon request. There are several round tables and chairs for this space.
  • Staff Lounge: The Staff Lounge can accommodate approximately 20 people and is available during non-school hours.

Stenehjem Fitness Center

  • Pool: The pool in the Stenehjem Fitness Center is a saline pool. The pool has 6 lanes, is 25 meters and the average temperature is 85 degrees. The pool is 3’ in the shallow end and 9-1/2’ in the deep end.  Renters must have a lifeguard on deck throughout the duration of the rental and must also provide a copy of the lifeguard certification for our files. WSSB does not provide lifeguards for rentals.
    • At this time, WSSB does not offer open or lap swim to the public.
  • Gymnasium: The gymnasium is located in the Stenehjem Fitness Center and is available for rent during non-school day hours. The gym has a scoreboard as well as bleachers for spectators.
  • Classroom: Also included in the Stenehjem Fitness Center is a classroom that is available to rent. The classroom can be set up to seat approximately 25 people.

General Information

Parking: There are approximately 45 parking spaces in front of the Stenehjem/Irwin buildings. There are generally several other facility user groups using our facility so parking may be impacted. For rentals in Old Main (Fries Auditorium, Dining Room, Board Room), there is ample parking on the south side of campus. All entrances are ADA accessible.

Custodians: WSSB may require user groups to have a custodian on duty, depending on the type of event and number of people attending the function.

Keys/Keycards: If the rental is outside of the regular school day, the facility user group may be issued a key and keycard for the duration of their rental. Keys and Keycards must be returned within one week of the rental end date.


If your group has a facility rented and must cancel the reservation, please contact WSSB as soon as possible so door, gate and custodial scheduling can be revised.  Failure to notify WSSB may result in denial of future rentals.