LIFTT - Learning Independence For Today and Tomorrow – is a 10 month, residential program for young adults (generally 18-23years) who are blind/low vision and want to learn skills of adult independence. These skills to promote adult independence include personal care, organization and time management, household care, financial management, as well as actively working on their vocational goals.


Headshot of Corey Grandstaff with short brown hair and beard in flowered blue Hawaiian shirt.

Corey Grandstaff

Associate Director of Transition & Residential


Steve Lowry, smiling white male with dark hair, beard, and a green shirt.

Steve Lowry

LIFTT Teacher


JoAnne Fink, an olive skinned, dark haired woman with bangs swept to the side smiling at the camera.

JoAnne Fink

LIFTT Swing Staff

360-696-6321 x4107

Tina Powell, a gracefully aging woman with sparkling blue eyes and grayish/brown curly hair.

Tina Powell

LIFTT graveyard staff

360-696-6321 x4101

Song standing in front of the water wearing a blue button up shirt and smiling

Song Downen

LIFTT Weekend Staff