Administration Overview

The superintendent’s office at the School for the Blind follows RCW 72.40.022.  These powers and duties include (but not limited to) the following:

 (1) Shall have full control of the school and the property of various kinds.

(2) May establish criteria, in addition to state certification, for teachers at the school.

(3) Shall employ members of the faculty, administrative officers, and other employees, who shall all be subject to chapter 41.06 RCW, the state civil service law, unless specifically exempted by other provisions of law.

(4) Shall establish the course of study including vocational training, with the assistance of the faculty and the advice of the board of trustees.

(5) May establish new facilities as needs demand.

Please see the RCW for more information.

Administration Team

Middle-aged, white male with a bald head, short beard, and glasses wearing a dark blue suit and proudly smiling

Scott McCallum



Janet Kurz, woman with black hair and greenish/blue eyes wearing a green and black dress with a slight smile

Janet Kurz

Executive Assistant


School Board of Trustees