Serving grades sixth through twelve, the Education department includes a variety of staff to support and provide instruction to students attending the Irwin school programs.  The Irwin school at WSSB provides a learning environment for blind and low vision students to help them achieve their individualized goals and meet the requirements of a comprehensive school program.  Staff work closely to address individualized and school-wide needs and are responsive to the needs of students and interests.  Education staff include content specialists trained in working with blind and low vision students, braille certified teachers and paraprofessionals, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and other staff to provide individualized instruction to meet the needs of students.  Our mission is to empower blind and low vision individuals to reach their full potential.       

Education Team

Sean, a middle aged white male with shoulder length hair and beard wearing a navy shirt and floral tie standing outdoors smiling on a sunny day.

Sean McCormick

Director of On-Campus Education (Principal)


Jennifer’s headshot taken on a sunny morning with an excited smile wearing a black/white suit and a shimmery musical broach.

Jennifer Langley

Associate Director of On-Campus Education


Heather standing outside of old main in front of bushes

Heather Ratcliff

Administrative Assistant 3


Lisa “Elle” Horton, a woman in her mid 20’s with hazel eyes and long blonde hair that is curled, smiling happily wearing a black knit sweater.

Elle Horton

School Secretary

360-696-6321 x4141

RaeJean, a lady with long honey blonde hair in a brown tweed jacket, gently smiling.

RaeJean Hendricks

School Social Worker/Counselor


Billie Jo Thomas School Psychologist/Counselor smiling outside

Billie Jo Thomas

School Psychologist/Counselor


Middle aged woman with dark hair and eyes, , smiling while holding her glasses, standing in front of flowers.

Adrienne Fernandez

Recreation/Volunteer Coordinator


Placeholder image.

Ashlee Young

Occupational Therapy Assistant

360-696-6321 x4139

Placeholder image.

Julie Halker

Occupational Therapist

360-696-6321 x4139


Christopher Benfield

Christopher Benfield

TVI, Music


woman with straight mid length  dirty blond hair who is wearing a royal blue shirt with hazel eyes.

Jennifer Butcher

TVI, Physical Education


Wayne Oshiro, a guy in front of green plants, blue polo shirt dark hair smiling.

Wayne Oshiro

TVI, Short Course


Emily owens, A woman  with short brownish hair wearing a maroon jacket gently smiling at the camera

Emily Owens

TVI, Science


Doug Trimble, a middle aged male with short graying hair smiling wearing black shirt with the WSSB logo.

Doug Trimble

TVI/Orientation and Mobility


Pat Wilber: Brunette hair, wearing glasses with a smile emanating from their eyes and ending with their mouth.

Pat Wilber

TVI, Liaison for off campus programs


Ashley Woodruff, a young woman with long brown/red hair, wearing a maroon shirt, and smiling at the camera.

Ashley Woodruff

TVI, Orientation and Mobility

360-696-6321 x4123

Classroom and Instructional Support Techs

Lief Barnes, a 45 year old male with shaved head, short beard, blue eyes, and a smile.

Lief Barnes

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech

360-696-6321 x4138

Chris Curatolo, a woman with short gray hair, glass, and inviting smile.

Chris Curatolo

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech

360-696-6321 x4133

Michelle Doherty, a middle-aged woman with short brown hair smiling joyfully.

Michelle Doherty

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech


Linda standing outside of old main

Linda Kubes

Instructional and Classroom Support Tech

360.696.6321 x4104

Headshot of John Lay

John Lay

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech, Physical Education

360-696-6321 x4130

Joanna McCaffrey, a woman that is smiling, wearing glasses with beautiful long brown hair with a hint of caramel highlights.

Joanna McCaffrey

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech

360-696-6321 x4113

Joe Pyles, a light skin man wearing sunglasses and pink floyd tie. Holding white cane.

Joe Pyles

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech

360-696-6321 x4129

Autumn Sellers, smiling middle aged woman with shoulder length brown hair standing in front of a shrub with green leaves.

Autumn Sellers

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech

360-696-6321 x4108

Kenedy standing outside of old main

Kenedy Williams

Instructional and Classroom Support Tech

360.696.6321 x4132

Ben Condon, standing outside in a blue shirt

Benjamin Condon

Classroom and Instructional Support Tech

360-696-6321 Ext 4180