Lion’s Low Vision Clinic

WSSB Lions Low Vision Clinic is a secondary care clinic primarily designed to serve patients with low vision including those individuals with multiple disabilities.  It is not the intent or the capability of our clinic to provide full scope primary care for our patients.  We are an adjunct to and not a substitute for the patients primary care provided by their family eye care practitioner.

Our Goal!

To enable the patient to achieve maximum use of their remaining vision while maintaining as independent a life style as possible.  Low vision is not a miracle.  We cannot restore your lost vision.  We can, with your help, assist you in using your remaining vision more efficiently.

Low Vision Devices:

Low vision devices are special lens systems which provide magnification to improve vision that is no longer correctable with conventional glasses.  Devices such as magnifiers, telescopes, illuminated devices, color filters and electronic reading systems are prescribed for special visual tasks.

Our History

The Washington State School for the Blind Lions Low Vision Clinic was established in the mid 1970’s. The purpose of the clinic is to provide low vision evaluations for individuals within Washington and Northern Idaho. These evaluations are provided at no cost to the patient. The clinic is a collaborative effort between the Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB), the Northwest Lions Foundation for Sight & Hearing (the Foundation), and Pacific University College of Optometry (PUCO). WSSB provides the physical space and administrative support for the clinic, PUCO provides the faculty and student intern staffing for conducting the evaluations, and the Foundation provides the funding to support clinical operations.

Located at:
Washington State School for the Blind
Old Main Building
2214 E. 13th St.
Vancouver, WA 98661

Dr. Maggie Ho

Dr. Maggie Ho
Phone: 360-947-3323
Fax: 360-737-2120