Birth to Three


The WSSB Birth to 3 Program consists of teachers of the visually impaired (TVI) and orientation and mobility specialists (COMS) to provide the critical early intervention supports to infants and toddlers with blindness and low vision and their families, no matter where they live in the state.  We work in conjunction with our state's Part C lead agency Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) to support families, which may be to locate appropriate resources in their home community at their local ESIT Provider Agency. 

Birth to Three Team

Jessica Chandler, a woman with long brown hair, smiling and wearing a black sweater and glasses.

Jessica Chandler

Associate Director of Outreach, Birth to Five


Headshot of Stephanie Haynes, a smiling blonde haired woman named Stephanie Haynes that is wearing a blue shirt.

Stephanie Haynes

TSVI/O&M Early Intervention Vision Impairment Specialist EIVIS


Lindsey is smiling at the camera, wearing a black top, has long gray hair, and silver hoop earrings. The background is a cherry orchard, the trees full of green leaves.

Lindsey Clinton

TSVI, Early Intervention Vision Impairment Specialist EIVIS


Headshot of Missa

Missa Haarstad