Coordination of fund raising and working with outside organizations

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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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As WSSB expands its involvement with outside organizations and the Washington School for the Blind Foundation (WSBF) becomes more active, it is important to coordinate requests to outside organizations. Therefore the following procedures must be followed:

  1. If you are going to make a request to outside organizations for funding, equipment, etc., submit the attached form to the Superintendent’s office before the organization is approached.  The Superintendent’s office will keep a master list of all requests.

  2. WSSB will check with the WSBF office to determine whether this request should be processed through the WSBF or through WSSB Betterment Accounts.  Likewise, solicitation of fund requests made by the WSBF should be communicated to the Superintendent to eliminate any duplication of effort.

  3. Within approximately two days, you will receive a response from the Superintendent’s office letting you know if the request has been approved.

The intent is not to limit your entrepreneurial spirit, but to make sure that staff and/or WSBF members are not approaching the same organizations or groups.