Statewide Technology Services

The technology project provides consultative and direct instruction services to WSSB and the local school districts. Collaborations are available to the local school district at no charge.
Intensive support is provided for the following assistive technology products:

  • Apple Products: VoiceOver, both Macintosh and iPad
  • Braille Notetakers
  • Chromebook
  • Duxbury
  • JAWS and ZoomText
  • OCR Technology
  • Video Magnifiers

APH Mantis Q40 Braille Display & Notetaker

This device is sold by the American Printing House for the Blind.  It has a QWERTY style keyboard and a 40 cell display.  This Microsoft Word file contains instructions on using this device.

Using APH Mantis Q40 (docx)

APH Chameleon 20 Braille Display & Notetaker

This device is sold by the American Printing House for the Blind.  It has a Perkins style keyboard and a 20 cell display.  This Microsoft Word file contains instructions on using this device.

Using APH Chameleon 20 (docx)

Educational iPad Apps for Preschool and Early Elementary Totally Blind Children

There are not many mainstream educational iPad apps that are accessible for totally blind young children with VoiceOver.

Downloads work best with Edge but you can always try other browsers to download.

Accessible iPad Apps (docx)- Updated July 2021

However, there are many iOS switch apps accessible for visually impaired students with usable vision.

Enabling Devices has a list of switch adapted apps that work with children with usable vision.

Switch2Scan is an excellent switch interface for the iPad. This device is both VoiceOver capable and switch capable which makes it an excellent option for totally blind children with significant additional impairments who need switches. It can be purchased from InclusiveTLC and is made by Pretorian.

iOS Switch Control & Switch2Scan (docx)

YouTube video of Switch2Scan

YouTube video of IntelliKeys Keyboard

Assistive Technology Videos

AFB has developed assistive technology videos.  They are available at the following link:

Florida School for the Blind has developed assistive technology videos: Accessibility 101 –



This Microsoft Word file contains instructions on using a Chromebook with it’s accessibility features.
Accessibility in the Chromebook (docx) **Updated July 2021**

YouTube Playlist for Accessibility in the Chromebook

This Microsoft Word file is a manual written by Bruce McClanahan.
Frequently Used ChromeVox/Chromebook System/Application Keystrokes (docx)
Frequently Used ChromeVox/Chromebook System/Application Keystrokes – Large Print (docx)
Frequently Used Keystrokes – Duxbury Braille File (zip)
Chromebook Braille Display Commands (docx)

Video Magnifier/Low Vision Access in the Chromebook

Accessible Chromebook Apps(docx) – Updated July 2021

ChromeVox Levels Checklist (docx)

ChromeVox Lessons

CV Lesson 1 – Keyboarding (docx)
CV Lesson 2 – Accelerated Reader (docx)
CV Lesson 3 – Chromebook Environment (docx)
CV Lesson 4 – Google Drive (docx)
CV Lesson 5 – Google Docs (docx)
CV Lesson 6 – Google Docs (Formatting) (docx)
CV Lesson 7 – Google Spell Check (docx)
CV Lesson 8 – Navigating the Web (docx)


Typing Club

TypingClub is a very popular program to teach touch typing.  This online program is used by many public school districts.  It provides a comprehensive curriculum for K-12 students.

Typing Club Accessibility Settings:

This program is very accessible for visually impaired students, students with dyslexia, physically handicapped students, and deaf and hard of hearing.  TypingClub is accessible for students using ChromeVox on a Chromebook, JAWS, and NVDA.

TypingClub has spent considerable effort making their keyboarding program accessible for all students and is very strongly commended for doing this.

TypingClub Configuration Options (docx)

 Assistive Technology Training Manuals

Video Magnifier Questions to Ask

  • Is the student an academic student or does the student have significant reading issues?
  • Does the video magnifier need to be portable, how important is portability for this student?
  • Does the student need an x/y table with the video magnifier or not?
  • Does the video magnifier need a distance viewing option?
  • How important is durability for the video magnifier, recognizing that the more durable a video magnifier is the fewer features it will have and the less portability?
  • Does the video magnifier need to have an OCR option or not?
  • How simple or how complex should the video magnifier be, recognizing that there is a tradeoff between complexity and features?
  • Should the video magnifier be a stand-alone unit or should the unit be connected to a computer?
  • If the video magnifier is to be connected to a computer, which computer, Chromebook, Macintosh, Windows laptop, Surface tablet, iPad, or Android based?

JAWS Levels

Cartoon shark drawing symbolizing the JAWS application

WSSB in partnership with the IRC has purchased a 75 user statewide license for JAWS. WSSB provides JAWS to the local school district at no charge. Installation and training on JAWS systems is provided to local school districts at no charge. The local school provides a Windows compatible computer.

Download JAWS FAQ (docx)

The “JAWS Levels” checklist can be used to help determine where a student is currently functioning with JAWS skills.
 Download JAWS Levels (doc)

The “VoiceOver Levels checklist can be used to help determine where a student is currently functioning with VoiceOver skills.
Download VoiceOver Levels (doc)

Book Creator Materials

These files were created using Book Creator.  They are ePub 3 files.  Book Creator is a creative cross-platform app that works on the iPad, Chromebooks, and on the web.

The files on Birds, Musical Instruments, and Trains have audio hotspots.

Many of the files are appropriate for preschool totally blind children or totally blind children with significant additional impairments.  They can be accessed using a switch with VoiceOver, such as the Switch2Scan interface from InclusiveTLC.  The audio hotspots are in a consistent location and can be tactually labeled.  The left and right arrows are always in a consistent location and can also be tactually labeled.

This download contains the following files:

Animal Game
Basic Foods
Concept Development Questions
Dolch Word Lists
Farm or Zoo Animals
Lewis and Clark
Literary Braille Code
Musical Instruments
Nursery Rhymes
Sample Recipes
Social Stories
The Little Red Hen
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Three Billy Goats Gruff

Dolch Word Lists & Literary Braille Code

These activities are designed to be used with a Braille display.  The Dolch Word Lists are presented in both random and alphabetical order.  When a Dolch word has a contraction it is also presented and spelled out.  The user moves to the left or right arrow in Book Creator with either a Space+Dot 1 chord or a Space+Dot 4 chord.  All of the words in the Literary Braille Code activities are presented contracted and then spelled out.

The cursor will land at the bottom of the text field when the user moves to the text with a Space+Dot 1 chord, the Rotor should be set to Containers and the user should then enter a Space+Dot 3 chord to move to the beginning of the text.

Birds, Jack, Musical Instruments, Nursery Rhymes, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Little Red Hen & Three Billy Goats Gruff

None of these files have an “enter” in the body of the text.  Because an “enter” is not present everything is read when the user moves to the text.

The user can move through these files using the following options:

  1. The Switch2Scan Interface from Pretorian Technologies is a VoiceOver enabled switch interface.  This device is made by Pretorian Technologies and sold by Inclusive Technologies in the United States.  One to four switches can be used with this interface device.  This device also has a mode that enables it work with switch adapted apps.
  2. A Braille display can be used.  Space+Dot 1 chord will move back and Space+Dot 4 will move forward.
  3. A Bluetooth keyboard can be used.  Use VO-Left Arrow to move back and VO-Right Arrow to move forward.
  4. Gestures

Concept Development Questions

Navigate through this file with a Bluetooth keyboard, a Braille keyboard, an iPad VoiceOver Controller, or Gestures.  Set the Rotor to Containers to efficiently navigate through this file.  This file should be navigated in the same way as the Dolch Word List and the Literary Braille Code file.

Activities with Sound Files

Birds, Musical Instruments, and Trains contain sound files.  All of the sound files have been placed in the same location so that they can be tactually labeled.  X: 760, Y: 603