WSSB offers comprehensive educational programs for 6th through 12th graders.  Appropriateness for attending educational programs at WSSB is not related to visual acuity.  Attending WSSB is based on each student’s need to develop skills for future success towards greater independence.  The next step for students may be the next grade level, high school, career/tech preparation program, college, or employment.  The timeline for each student’s placement at WSSB depends on the priority of skills needing to be developed in order to prepare them for the next step on their pathway.  Some students are enrolled at WSSB for one or two years, while some may remain enrolled longer.  It is critical that WSSB provides a safe learning environment for challenging students to develop skills for independence, and support their journey as a life-long learner.

Enrollment is a two phase process:

Phase 1

Enrollment at WSSB begins with a referral from the parent, legal guardian, adult student, or representative from the local school district.

The referral will include:

  • Reason for referral to WSSB
  • Copy of the current Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Copy of most recent 3 year reevaluation

Possible reasons for referral may be:

  • Vision specific services not readily available in the local district
  • Need for more intensive vision specific services
  • Greater range of vision support services in an immersive educational setting
  • Social skills, leisure time, and/or organizational skill development related to vision needs

After the referral is submitted, the student’s local district and the parent will be notified of receipt of the referral.  WSSB will review the submission and determine whether to proceed with an enrollment application or to terminate the enrollment process.

Phase 2

Enrollment for new students begins with a 35 school day diagnostic placement.  During this time period, a multidisciplinary team will examine whether WSSB programs and the student are mutually appropriate for meeting the needs according to the IEP and least restrictive environment requirements.  At the conclusion of the diagnostic placement period, a multidisciplinary team will consider placement at WSSB with some of the following guidelines:

  • The placement option provides a reasonably high probability of assisting students  to attain their annual goals
  • Consideration of any potential harmful effect on student or on the quality of services needed
  • Student safety for themselves and others will be appropriately supported within the specialized environment to best meet individual needs

Placement for all students will be determined at least annually at an IEP meeting.  Admissions and retention at WSSB may be denied for a student who is an adjudicated sex offender.