Weekend Extra Curricular Activities

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
Dean O. Stenehjem (with input from staff)
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SUBJECT: Weekend Extra Curricular Activities

WSSB infrequently has the request for student activities which occur on the weekends when students are scheduled to be at home. These activities are designed to help students become more active participants in the community through regional sports programs, etc. WSSB supports this concept, but attempts to have these activities occur during the week if at all possible due to cost, supervision and oversight of the students, since WSSB is a Sunday night through Friday afternoon program/school.

I. Purpose:

Implement a policy that helps WSSB gain consistency from event to event that may occur on a weekend. 

Requests for weekend stays on campus must be submitted to the Principal, who in turn will bring these to the administrative team for approval. Approval will be based upon availability of funds to cover expenses. In order to be fair and consistent, all requests for activities must be presented, at the latest, by October 1 (toward the beginning of the school year) to help determine how many events/activities the school can support.

II. Procedure:

  • All permission forms must be signed by parents giving permission for their child to participate in an event and remain on campus and/or travel to another location.  Securing these forms will be the sole responsibility of the coach and/or staff member planning the activity. Students will not be permitted to participate without this. Students over the age of 18 are considered emancipated adults, however WSSB will check with the parent/family to guarantee that they aware of the event.  Exception–students over 18 where parents have secured some type of guardianship. 
  • All student medication needs must be prearranged with the nurses and students. Dispensing of medication will be handled by the student if capable.  For students that need oversight, the coaches and/or Residential Life Counselors (RLC) will be provided instruction by the nurses. [The need for an on duty nurse will be made by the Director of Transition Services.]

·Weekends – on campus:

o   In situations where students will be on campus either part of the time or the entire weekend the following procedure will be followed:

§  Coaches will be responsible for supervision throughout the function.  Evening hours after the event, Intermittent RLC staff will be hired to supervise students in the cottages until the Sunday night shift arrives [e.g. an event occurs during the day 8:00am-8:00pm - the coaches are responsible for supervision; at 8:00pm or close to this time as determined by the coaches and Director of Transition Services, RLC intermittent staff will be brought in to supervisor the students until the next day, either when the event continues and we repeat the same as above and/or RLC intermittent staff continue to supervise the remainder of the weekend].

§  Coaches will be responsible for arranging for food for the students until RLC staff takes charge. Once the RLC are on duty, the RLC have this responsibility.

·Weekend functions not on the campus:

·The coach/adult in charge of the function will be responsible for supervision of the students until the students return to campus. This may include some supervision on campus until RLC staff coverage begins as determined in conversation with the coach/Director of Transition Services. RLC intermittent staff will be used to help provide supervision until the regular staff shift begin on Sunday night


Beginning the fall of 2012, students will be charged an activity fee of $40.00 per sport (Goalball, Powerlifting, etc.) which will help cover some of the additional activities. If a student drops out of the activity in less than two weeks the fee will be refunded. After two weeks, there will be no refund. If a student and/or student’s family cannot afford the activity fund, a request can be made to the School’s Betterment Fund and/or other funding sources for assistance.