Web Accessibility Procedures

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Danya Borowski, IT Manager
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Web Accessibility Procedures
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Web Accessibility Policy | Washington State School for the Blind

Developing and maintaining online resources

The section on Accessibility outlines accessibility compliance requirements. They are based on internationally recognized standards.
Staff developing online resources must establish and follow a documented Quality Assurance process for web development and maintenance. A suitable QA process is outlined in WSSB’s web accessibility training guide.
The IT Webmaster can assist with development of accessibility criteria, and accessibility evaluations.
WSSB IT Webmaster will continue to test the site as new items are added.  This will be done on an on-going basis. WSSB will ensure that testing of any new online content is backed by adequate personnel and financial resources.


All staff who develop or maintain online resources

Third-party development and maintenance of online resources

Staff commissioning third-party web resources must:

  • ensure that third party developers are made aware of WSSB web and accessibility requirements as outlined in the Web Accessibility Policy and the Web Accessibility Training Guide.
  • make it very clear to third party developers that WSSB expects online resources to meet these requirements
  • ensure work specifications and/or contracts require deliverables that meet WSSB standards as outlined in the Web Accessibility Policy, the Web Accessibility Procedures and the WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Standards.
  • establish and follow a documented Quality Assurance, testing and acceptance process to ensure deliverables meet documented specifications.  WSSB will ensure there are adequate funding resources and personnel available to test any third-party resources and open source software.


All staff who commission or oversee third party developers

Selecting and purchasing online resources

Staff purchasing third-party web resources must ensure that:

  • selection criteria include documented accessibility requirements to meet the Web Accessibility standards
  • accessibility requirements apply to both end-user interfaces and administration interfaces
  • accessibility requirements should be listed as ‘highly desirable’, not as mandatory
  • vendors are made aware of accessibility requirements and that WSSB values accessibility
  • candidate products are evaluated against selection criteria, including accessibility criteria. An accessibility assessment of an actual or demonstration version of the product is preferred.
  • staff can contact the IT Webmaster if they need additional information and testing


All staff who select or purchase online resources.