Use of State Equipment

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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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SUBJECT: Use of State Equipment


To establish guidelines for the use of state/school equipment by other agencies, civic groups, nonprofit organiza­tions, and staff or volunteers working to improve services to blind and visually impaired children.

I. Equipment at WSSB has been purchased for the use of blind and visually impaired children and those who are involved in providing services for said children.  Any use other than for the primary purpose must not interfere with the primary purpose and should result in enhanced services to blind children.  School/state equipment must not be used for personal use.

II. Individuals or groups may use WSSB equipment (e.g., chairs, tables, etc.) upon a director's or the superintendent's approval.  A deposit or rental fee may be charged depending upon the situation.  An equipment loan agreement must be completed.  The cost of repair or replacement of equipment caused by damage resulting from its use will be the respon­sibility of the individual(s) using the equipment.

III. Each director has the authority to deny requests for equipment usage.  If the individual or group being denied the use feels the decision is unfair, an appeal may be made to the superintendent.

IV. When a request for equipment use has been approved:

A. The equipment loan agreement will be completed and signed by the individual or a representative of the organization making the request.
B. The approving director will sign the agreement.
C. A copy of the agreement will be given to the requestor and the original will be kept on file in the office of the approving director until the equipment is re­turned.