Teacher Salary Schedule Advancement (credits/clock hours)

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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
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Administrative Staff
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The Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) encourages teachers to strive for educational advancement and recognizes the value and benefit of education designed to enhance employees’ abilities to perform their job duties. WSSB will advance teachers in accordance with the Vancouver School District Salary Schedule under the following provisions.


To advance certificated staff in accordance with the Vancouver School District Salary Schedule in a timely manner while providing the appropriate notice and projected budget impacts to the Business Office.


Teacher Salary Advancement

Certificated staff anticipating salary lane advancement on the salary schedule will provide written notice to the Human Resources Manager by April 15. This notice will include anticipated number of completed credits/clock hours to be submitted and anticipated date of completion. Clock hours will be counted for movement between salary levels at the ratio of ten (10) clock hours for one (1) quarter hour of credit. Original verifying documents must be submitted to the Human Resources Manager no later than September 15 to qualify for a salary adjustment for the ensuing school year.  Salary adjustments will be made only at the beginning of the school year (no mid-year adjustments will be made).  Failure to submit original verifying documents by September 15 will result in no adjustment to the salary placement. Exceptions to these timelines may be approved by the Superintendent only.  Transcripts, approved clock hour statements, and course completion certificates/awards may constitute as original verifying documents.