Substitute Teacher Assignment

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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
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The overriding concern is to provide the best possible coverage of students and classes during the absence of a teacher or instructional aide.  The Director of Education will maintain a recruitment program to attract competent individuals who are able to meet the needs of the students enrolled at school.

To ensure the most qualified substitute is designated to serve in a particular situation, the Director of Educa­tion needs the greatest possible lead time to secure that person.  Teachers must notify the Director or designee at the earliest possible time about an impending absence and the possible length of time of the absence.


  1. Teachers and instructional aides notify the Director of Education at the earliest possible time of an impending absence.  If the Director of Education is unavailable or impossible to contact, teachers shall call the Irwin building secretary who shall attempt to secure a sub­stitute.
  2. The Director of Education shall maintain a current list of substitutes for all areas, teachers and aides.
  3. For a continuing illness, please report to the Director of Education by 4pm if you will be out another day or are returning to work.
  4. Upon return to work, complete a sick leave form and submit it to the Director of Education.
  5. The Director of Education indicates on form approval or disap­proval of leave.
  6. Telephone numbers: Director of Education (360) 947-3308; Irwin building secretary, (360) 947-3309.