Student Health Needs (Policy)

Policy Approve By
Scott McCallum, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
Justine Mings, BSN, RN and Robin Williams, BSN, RN
Policy Category


To ensure WSSB students receive the health care they require and clarify the responsibility of parents and WSSB as it relates to the medical care of their student.  Health care may include personal hygiene education, providing follow-up care post-surgery, injury, or illness, medication management, etc.


If a child experiences extended illness, requires extended bed rest, has an infectious disease, a change in health status, any situation needing further medical attention, any situation deemed necessary by nursing staff and/or school contracted physician, the child will be sent home and will require transportation home by the parent/guardian.

To provide continuity and safe care, at the discretion of the nurses and/or school contracted physician, information and/or release back to school from the treating physician will be required for the following:

  • Hospitalization or emergency care for any reason or at any time
  • Absence for an extended period of time due to illness or injury that required medical treatment
  • Changes in allergy status; food, medication, or environmental
  • Any medically necessary treatment needing to be provided by nursing staff or requiring delegation to non-nursing staff
  • Changes in dietary needs or restrictions

Information and/or release back to school will need to be provided in written format prior to student returning to campus, changes in dietary needs being made, or medical treatment is provided in accordance with RCW 18.79.260, with nurses working under direction of licensed physician and surgeon, dentist, osteopathic physician and surgeon, naturopathic physician, optometrist, podiatric physician and surgeon, physician assistant, osteopathic physician assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner.

WSSB requires parents/guardians to schedule and continue all non-emergent medical, dental, ophthalmology, mental health, and other healthcare appointments while the student is home on the weekend, school breaks, and/or during the summer.  If appointments are needed during normally scheduled school days, the parent is responsible for managing the transportation of the student to and/or from school and/or home.

If the parent/guardian reports they will face unusual hardship to schedule the healthcare appointments in the home community, or the student will miss a significant amount education hours/days due to the appointment, WSSB may assist with the appointment at the discretion of the school nurses, Associate Director-Transition and Residential Programs, and Director of On-Campus Programs.

Legal Reference: RCW 18.79.620