Student Files/Process Regarding Student Records

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
Craig Meador, Director of On-Campus Programs
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  1. At the beginning of each school year, staff will be responsible to review the content in student’s files that they have direct contact with.  The purpose of this is for familiarity of:   IEP (Individualized Education Plan) goals and objectives, health and medical concerns and protocols, behavior needs, issues and plans.  Staff will sign a document to acknowledge that this information was reviewed.
  2. As new students arrive:
    (A.) Residential Department: The Associate Principal of After School and Evening Programs will:
    - Photocopy pertinent student information from the file and deliver it to the assigned cottage.
    - Review student information/file with appropriate staff.
    - Require that staff sign a document to acknowledge that this information was received and reviewed with them.
    (B.) Irwin (main school building): Irwin administration will:
    - Review student information/file with staff.
    - Require that staff sign a document to acknowledge that this information was received and reviewed with them.
  3. Staff will be required to comply with the information within the files and will be accountable for the follow through of IEP’s and Behavior Plans.  Each staff member will also be provided training on the IEP online program.
  4. If staff are unclear about the IEP or student Behavioral Plan it is their responsibility to express that concern in writing to their supervisor. The supervisor will review the IEP and Behavioral Plans within two working days with the person expressing the need for clarification.
  5. Each staff member will review WSSB’s Policies and Procedures (located on the intranet).  If the employee does not know how to access the Intranet, training will be provided.


  1. Reporting inappropriate action by a fellow staff member:
    - Staff will follow the student’s IEP and Behavioral Plans and will treat students with dignity and respect. Anyone observing otherwise has a legal and moral obligation to report the incident to their supervisor or administrator immediately (not to exceed 48 hours). If they believe that the incident is a CPS reportable incident, this needs to be done and an administrator needs to be notified. (Refer to the school’s CPS reporting policy.)
    - Administration will follow-up on each situation immediately and appropriate action will be taken based upon factual information gathered.
    - Staff may not always be aware of what type of personnel related action has been taken, but if they see any continuation of a similar action toward students or anything they view as inappropriate they need to once again report.
    - If they believe a supervisor is not taking an appropriate action, this needs to be brought directly to the Superintendent’s office.