Residential Student Safety

Policy Approve By
Scott McCallum, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
Corey Grandstaff, Associate Director of Transition and Residential Programs
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  1. Staff will allow residents within the cottage to visit in each others bedroom with the bedroom door open at least halfway at all times. Staff will monitor students by moving up and down the hallway approximately every fifteen minutes.
  1. Staff will allow other students from other cottages to visit a resident, however the visitors must remain in the common areas.
  1. Staff will monitor the bathroom while residents bathe by moving past the bathroom area at least every 15 minutes or as deemed necessary based on student support or supervision needs.
  1. One staff person will remain out on the floor at all times unless staff need to visit another part of the cottage for brief periods of time including office, bathroom, or laundry room while ensuring student safety and supervision.
  1. Staff will ensure the safety of students traveling about campus after school hours by following the check-in/check-out procedure: 
  • Students will notify staff when they leave the cottage and return, and their destination.  Staff and students will communicate regarding return time.
  • Students will use the cottage check-in/check-out system.
  • Based on support and supervision needs, staff will adjust monitoring, as necessary.
  1. Staff will follow the “Travel off campus by student” AKA Walking Papers procedure when students travel off campus.
  1. Cottage doors should be locked at all times.
  1. It is the responsibility of staff to report any incident immediately to their supervisor, and to document incident as directed by supervisor.