Purchase Card Policies

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
Mary Sarate, Director of Business and Finance
Policy Category


Purchasing cards are issued in the name of each department and are to be used to make purchases for items which are not available through established accounts.  These purchases are usually low cost or of an emergency nature.


  • Purchasing Card Manager – Financial Analyst II
  • Approving Managers (see attached Signature Authority list)
  • General Card Custodian – Business Office Administrative Secretary


  1. Exclusive use purchasing cards may be issued to the supervisor of a department.  The supervisor or designee will be responsible for proper use and security of the card.
  2. General use credit cards are secured in a safe.
  3. Other staff members may check a general use card out from the Business Office.  In order to receive the card, the staff member must complete the Credit Card Purchase Form, and obtain approval from an employee having signature authority.
  4. Employee signs log acknowledging receipt of card.
  5. After the purchase has been made, the employee must return the card, the completed Credit Card Purchase form and the receipt(s) to the Business Office.
  6. Employee signs log acknowledging return of card.
  7. Under no circumstances are purchasing card to be used for personal use.  Such use will be considered misconduct and could result in disciplinary action.