Key and Keycard Control

Policy Approve By
Scott McCallum, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
Janet Kurz, Executive Assistant
Policy Category


Improve campus security through an organized system of issuing and maintaining inventory control on keys and keycards.

  1. Each supervisor will be responsible for determining which employees need keys/keycards and the times employees need to access buildings.
  1. Keys will be issued directly from the Superintendent’s office.
  1. Employees are not permitted to make copies of keys/keycards or give their keys/keycards for temporary use to non-WSSB employees, nor transfer them to another WSSB employee for any reason.
  1. Employees having keys which are not required for their jobs are to surrender these to their supervisors.
  1. When an employee needs keys during the year for special projects, supervisors will be responsible for making sure the employee receives the appropriate keys or keycard access and that they are returned after the special project has been completed.
  1. Employees receiving master keys must have prior approval of the superintendent.
  1. Employee’s who are terminating their employment with WSSB shall turn in all keys/keycards on their last day of employment.