False Fire Alarms

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
Rob Tracey, Plant Manager
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When a fire alarm sounds:

1.   Treat all fire alarms at first as if they are real and EVACUATE STU­DENTS.

2.   Determine if the alarm is a result of a fire or false alarm (e.g., student pulling alarm).

3.   If determined to be a FALSE alarm:

A.  Contact Sonitrol at 696-0777 to advise them.

B.  Reset by unlocking and opening pull station box and putting the handle in "normal" position.

C.  Close and relock pull station box.

D.  To silence alarms in a cottage, go to fire alarm relay box (located at the end of the halls in Watson, Clarke and Hall Cottages and in the janitor's room behind laundry room of Chapman Cottage), open box, and throw toggle switch to the off position.  

E.   To reset in the school, Old Main or ORC, push the reset button on the remote alarm control board located in their front offices.

4.   At this point, call maintenance pager, 408-0098, to request that someone reset the main panel in Old Main Build­ing.

5.   After calling the maintenance pager, call and notify: Rob Tracey, Plant Manager, (cell 606-5897, home 254-1399) If unable to reach Rob Tracey, try  Dean Stenehjem (home: 887-0824), then Brian Kindblade (e-mail at Brian.kindblade@tmo.blackberry.net)