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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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To provide guidelines and assurances that WSSB is an organization/agency that promotes nondiscriminatory practices.

  1. All meetings held on WSSB's campus must be accessible to all public on an equal basis.  Meetings open to the public can't be held in inaccessible locations.
  2. All meetings sponsored or financially supported by WSSB must meet all the guidelines as stated in Roman numeral I.

  3. All public information must be made available upon request in the appropriate and usable format, (i.e., braille, tape, large print, etc.).  If the presenter is aware that a person needing material in a different format will be attend­ing a workshop or meeting, said material should be available to be handed out at the same time as print material.    
  4. Interpreter services will be provided for public meetings when requested by a deaf or hard-of-hearing person.  WSSB will also work to assure that appropriate assistive listen­ing devices and other appropriate aids are available to provide equal access.


  1. WSSB will work with all individuals, agencies, or organiza­tions providing contracted services to make sure they are aware of WSSB's policies and guidelines, and that they either meet or exceed these guidelines or have an action plan in place with timelines for compliance.

Compliance Personnel

Accessibility: Mr. Rod Lee, WSSB

Employment: Personnel Office