Employee Awards (Policy)

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Scott McCallum, Superintendent
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The purpose of this policy is to recognize continuous state employee service, outstanding employee performance, and/or safety achievement within the agency.


Awards shall be given to agency employees or groups of employees in the form of service awards or outstanding performance awards.

1.         Service Awards:

Service awards are presented to employees who have been continuously employed by the State of Washington for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years; or, who are retiring with at least 10 years of total service.  The awards are as follows:

                        10 years           Framed Certificate and Pin (green stone)

                        15 years           Framed Certificate and Pin (blue stone)

                        20 years           Certificate and Desk Pen (inscribed) OR $50.00

                        25 years           Certificate and Clock (inscribed) OR $60.00

                        30 years           Certificate and $70

                        35 years           Certificate and $80

                        40 years           Certificate and $90

                        Retirement      Certificate and Plaque or $100

2.         Outstanding Performance Awards:

Outstanding Performance awards are presented to employees to recognize achievement beyond routine recognition of work performed.

3.         Awards Committees:

The Superintendent may appoint an Awards Committee to review nominations and determine the recipients of Distinguished Service and Safety awards.

RCW 41.60.150