Elevator Emergency Procedure

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David Zilavy, Facilities Manager
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To provide a procedure that can be easily followed in case a person is trapped in the elevator.

NOTE: Sonitrol Security Company is monitoring our elevator. The elevator is equipped with a sending unit that when triggered sends a recorded message to Sonitrol. This is in accordance with ADA in the event the person in the elevator is deaf or cannot speak. Trapped person also has two-way communica­tion.

Persons Sonitrol will call in case of an emergency.

  1. Dave Zilavy (cell): 360-608-3797
  2. Dave Zilavy (desk): 360-947-3320
  3. Front Desk Old Main: 360-696-6321 x 0
  4. Custodial cell phone: 360-635-7542
  5. Janet Kurz (cell): 360-921-0307
  6. Scott McCallum (cell): 541-844-8890


The person listed above who receives the call from Sonitrol inform­ing of a problem with the elevator should:          

  1. Call Kone's 24-hour number: 1-877-276-8691. Direct Kone personnel to the elevator.
  2. Reassure the passenger(s) that help is on the way. Ask the person(s) to once again try the button.
  3. Go to the floor where the elevator is stuck and wiggle the door. Then ask the person to once again push the button.