Electronic Message Systems

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Reviewed (date last reviewed but not changed)
Policy Prepared By
Dean O. Stenehjem
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Provide direction for state employees using electronic message systems such as electronic mail systems, voice mail systems, and other electronic media which generates, transmits, and displays correspondence for internal and external business communication.

  1. Employees shall use state-provided electronic message sys­tems only for state business purposes.
  1. State-provided electronic message systems shall not be used for transmission of information that promotes:
  • discrimination on the basis of age, sex, marital status, race, creed, color, national origin, sensory, mental, or physical disabilities, or sexual preference;
  • sexual harassment;
  • copyright infringement;
  • an employee's personal political beliefs or personal business interests; or
  • any unlawful activity.
  1. Agency management may access data usually under an individu­al employee's control when necessary to carry out normal business functions.
  1. Information of confidential matters should be maintained in locked files requiring a pass word/code. 
  1. Various levels of security will be maintained to assure appropriate access by employees needing access to designated information.
  1. Employees need to be aware that electronic mail could be sent to other than the intended recipient due to human error, therefore highly confidential information should either be hand delivered, or mailed and marked confi­dential.