Domestic Animals (Procedure)

Policy Approve By
Scott McCallum, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
James O. Bickford, Director of Education / Updated by Sean McCormick, Director of On-Campus Education
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I.    Students may bring domestic animals to school under the following conditions:

A.    For a period of one week or less.

B.    Must be for an educational purpose.

C.    Must have the approval of the classroom teacher and an administrator.

D.    The animal will reside in the classroom.

E.    Must have health papers available (if normally re­quired).

F.    Students will be responsible for care, cleaning, and any damage.

II.    Domestic animals may be kept in the school building as part of an on-going educational program and be the personal property of the staff.  The staff member responsible must:

A.    Provide a clean sanitary area for the animal.

B.    Obtain pre-approval from an administrator

C.    Clean the area daily, insuring there is no urine or fecal waste with which students may come in contact.

D.    Insure that health papers (if appropriate) are avail­able.

E.    Accept liability for damage to school property.

F.    Animals shall be removed from the classroom upon formal complaint of students, parents, or at the discretion of an administrator.

III.   Guide dog users have total responsibility for their animals to include feeding, care, behavior, and disposal of waste while on the school campus.

IV.  Domestic animals shall not be kept as pets within the resi­dences.

V.   No school funds shall be spent to support animals on campus.