Digital Photo Archives

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
Ed Lukowski & Danya Borowski, IT Department
Policy Category


To maintain a usable and searchable digital photo archive.


When photographs saved to the photo archive server, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. A selection of the best photographs will be chosen based on sharpness, composition and uniqueness. Approximately 5-10 per event.
  2. The selected photographs will be named with a descriptive name that represents the photograph.
    a. Optional: Create a word document the lists the photographs name and the names of students, staff or volunteers that are included the photographs.
  3. A subfolder will be created within the year folder that photograph was taken and will be named with a description of the event. Example 2014-2015\2014-2015 Art Class\.
  4. Identify all students and confirm that they are NOT on the do not photograph list available at \\group-home\share\All Staff\Edu-Res\
  5. Photographs will be copied to server folder \\GROUP-HOME\Share\Photo Archives only after all of the above steps are performed.


  1. Copy file from camera storage media to local computer system.
  2. Open the folder that the photos were saved.
  3. Change the view by going to the View Menu and selecting “Extra large icons” and/or clicking the “Preview pane”. If the Preview pane option is selected you can slide the dividing bar by hovering over it until a double headed arrow appears, click, hold and drag.
  4. To delete photographs that are not up to the archival quality you can press the delete key for individual file or you can hold down CTRL and click to select multiple files the pressing the delete key.
  5. Click slowly twice on the name of the file or right click and select Rename. Once the name is highlighted change it to a descriptive name that represents the photograph, press enter to save the change. Be sure to leave the .jpg if visible in filename.