Corporal Punishment

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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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Corporal punishment of students is forbidden.  Aversive therapy (for more information regarding Aversive Therapy, please review the Aversive Therapy Policy) is to be used only in extreme cases and must be determined legal and appropriate as outlined in the Washington State School for the Blind's policy and procedure on Aversive Therapy to comply with WAC 392-171-805 through 392-171-825, WAC 180-4-235, WAC 72-120-205, and RCW 9A.16.100.

Any use of corporal punishment or unauthorized aversive therapy will be reported to Child Protective Services (CPS) and to the Office of State Public Instruction (OSPI) for their investi­ga­tion.  The school will cooperate fully with each of these agen­cies.