Contract Management (Policy-Procedure)

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
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Reviewed (date last reviewed but not changed)
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WSSB Administrative Team
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Section I - Background

Purpose:  To develop procedures for administration of personal services contracts.

Background:  Authority to enter into or modify existing contracts is limited to the Superintendent of the Washington State School for the Blind.

Section II - Submission of Personal Services Contract:

Responsibility:  Superintendent, Director of Business & Finance, On-Campus Education and Outreach


1.  May initiate contract through written proposal and justification

Responsibility:  Superintendent


2.  Will indicate approval and forward to business office with name of administrative staff assigned to monitor.

Responsibility:  Procurement & Supply Specialist


3.  Will process the contracts.

4.  Will process invoices in a timely manner for payment as agreed upon in each contract.

Section III - Monitoring Personal Services Contracts:

Responsibility:  Staff person assigned to administer personal services contract


  1. Will monitor performance of contractor (i.e., is contractor doing what contract says?)
  2. Will monitor quality of performance (i.e., how well is contractor succeeding in terms of pre-established goals?)
  3. Will monitor compliance (i.e., is contractor complying with all laws, rules, and regulations pertinent to particular operation?).
  4. Will report any violations in writing to the Procurement & Supply Specialist

Responsibility:  Director of Business & Finance and Superintendent          


  1. Will independently spot check activity associated with contract (i.e., performance, quality, compliance).
  2. Will review contracts at least yearly to determine overall effectiveness (i.e., performance, cost recovery, cost effectiveness, etc.