Building Security

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
James O. Bickford
Policy Category

Identification Badges

  • The purpose for staff wearing an identification badge is to identify yourself to outside visitors that you are a member of the school staff and may be approached for assistance and information.  All staff, volunteers and visitors shall wear a badge during scheduled time on campus.
  • The purpose for students wearing identification badges is to provide positive identification of those needing to be on campus.  All students shall have a name badge with picture, first initial, and last name. Students in middle school classes and above shall either wear their badge, or it may be attached to their cane, back-pack or other article that is normally carried with them.  Elementary aged students shall have badges, which must be worn when on school sponsored events, but are not required during the day.
  • No person, adult or other visitor, shall be in a building without a visitor’s badge or staff badge.
    • Exception: When escorted by a staff member as part of a tour group, these visitors are not required to have a badge.  All others to include parents, part time students, former students, volunteers and visitors from other districts must have an identifying badge.  WSSB will accept the badge from a visiting school district.
  • Any person found in a building without a badge will be immediately escorted to either OLD Main Office or IRWIN office for log-in and identification.
  • During the hours of 7:30 a.m.– 4:00 p.m., visitor sign-in shall be in Old Main Reception area and Irwin Lobby.  After 4:00 p.m., each cottage will maintain their own sign logs.
  • Log books shall contain the name of the visitor, affiliation, time in, time out and badge number issued.
  • If any person on campus refuses to identify themselves, log-in, refuses to leave after a request, or if the staff member present feels there is reason for concern, the staff member is authorized to call “911” and report to the police.


  • All offices and classrooms for all building on campus are to have entry (interior) doors in the locked position, unless operated with an interior button.  This allows for the rapid locking and security of all doors in any affected building.
  • No outside doors shall be propped open and left unattended.  This means direct control of the doorway.  Each building shall have one open access to the public with the exception of Old Main which shall have two open doorways.

LOCK Down – Guidelines

In the case of any lockdown procedure, common sense must prevail.  In any case, information will be shared with all staff as the situation progresses and all must exercise best judgement in the situation.  We have many buildings on campus with many variables.  Keep in mind that the safety of the students is our first concern.

When IRWIN Main office determines there is sufficient cause to believe that imminent danger is present, the on-campus supervisor shall call for lockdown of educational buildings (all buildings in which children have instruction).

Lockdown will be indicated by the continuous ringing of the school bell in excess of 20 seconds.

Lock down procedure

  • All staff and students shall immediately go to the nearest classroom or lockable space in the building.  All classroom doors shall be closed and locked.  Students and staff shall move to the corner of the room that is out of the sight-line of the classroom door.  If feasible, shades should be drawn.
  • Kennedy Building – students and staff to pool area or wrestling gym with closed and locked doors.
  • Shop Building – to Arts and Crafts area
  • Old Main (if appropriate) proceed to a lockable office area.
  • Staff & Students on the Grounds should proceed to the Student Health Center
  • Staff are responsible for maintaining calm and order in the area.
  • Irwin office shall attempt to notify by telephone and/or pager remote campus areas of the Lockdown:  (1) Cottages, (2) IRC, (3) DSB, (4) Hearing Impaired staff.
  • If possible log-in to your e-mail system to allow for updates of information.
  • In the case of an outside (the building danger), classrooms shall be notified by an “all call” and students and staff shall move into the interior hallways.  Entry doors shall be locked.
  • Do not exit your area until told to do so by a known staff member or an identified police officer.
  • Special information or special needs should be communicated to the police by dialing 9-911

Cottage drills

Should an intruder come into a cottage after the school day is finished and the supervisor determines that there is imminent danger, the supervisor will so indicate by yelling “Lockdown”

  • If there is an intruder, students will immediately go to their rooms, close the door, and if possible move into the wardrobe in a sitting position.
  • Students will stay in this position and will be quiet until told to come out by a known staff member or a police officer.
  • If the incident is in the neighborhood (outside the cottage), students should gather in the interior hallway away from all windows.
  • Whether School or Residential, in the event of a real lockdown, staff in charge of the students in their immediate vicinity will call and inform parents.