Building Security

Policy Approve By
Scott McCallum, Superintendent
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Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
Janet Kurz, Executive Assistant
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All visitors who visit the WSSB campus between the hours of 7:30am-4pm must check in with the Old Main or Irwin Education building immediately upon their arrival.  Visitors will be required to show a valid Government-issued identification and will be processed through our security system.  Individuals who are unable or unwilling to show a valid Government-issued identification must be escorted at all times by a WSSB staff member.


Identification Badges

  • All staff, volunteers and visitors shall wear a badge during scheduled time on campus.  All identification badges worn by staff and students must have the Suicide Prevention Lifeline information on the back side of the badge.
  • The purpose for staff wearing an identification badge is to identify yourself to outside visitors that you are a member of the school staff and may be approached for assistance and information. 
  • The purpose for students wearing identification badges is to provide positive identification of those needing to be on campus.  All students shall have a badge with their picture and their name. Students shall either wear their badge, or it may be attached to their cane, back-pack or other article that is normally carried with them. 
  • No person, adult or other visitor, shall be in a building without a visitor’s or staff badge. Any exceptions to this shall be granted by the superintendent, however they must be escorted by a WSSB staff member at all times.
  • Any person found in a building without a badge will be immediately escorted to either Old Main office or Irwin office for check-in and identification.
  • If any person on campus refuses to identify themselves, to check-in, refuses to leave after a request, or if the staff member present feels there is reason for concern, the staff member is authorized to call “911” and report to the police. Notify the superintendent’s office immediately following alerting the authorities.



  • All offices and classrooms for all buildings on campus are to have entry (interior) doors in the locked position, unless operated with an interior button.  This allows for the rapid locking and security of all doors in any affected building.
  • No outside doors shall be propped open and left unattended.