Admissions (Procedure)

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James O. Bickford
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To clarify the procedures for admission to the Washington State School for the Blind.

The school shall be free to residents of the state between the ages of birth and twenty-one years. Students need to have a primary disability of visual impairment. Students over the age of twenty-one years may be retained at the school with the permission of the superintendent as per consultation with WSSB staff, the student and the student's parents. The school can admit and retain students on a space available basis. (RCW 72.40.040)

  1. Student Enrollment

Upon referral from a parent, legal guardian, emancipated minor or LEA representative, the Washington State School for the Blind will assess the appropriateness of placement of a visually impaired student residing in the State of Washington as provided for under Chapter 72-171 of the Washington Administrative Codes.

Applications for placement shall be in writing and shall contain the reason for referral. Records review and a Change of Placement staffing will be completed within 30 days of the receipt of records.

Reasons for referral may include but are not limited to:

  1. Vision specific services not readily available in the local school district
  2. Need for more intensive vision specific services
  3. Adaptive aides and appliances
  4. A larger array of vision support services
  5. Social skill development, leisure time skill development, and organizational skill development.


1.    Referral received

2.    LEA notified (if a parent referral); records requested

3.    The following records must be received prior to admissions team review

  • All application materials
  • Student's most recent IEP
  • Student's most recent 3 year summary assessment
  • Psychological records
  • Transcript (for high school students)
  • Records of formal disciplinary action

4.  WSSB Admissions teams reviews records

  • If enough information is present, a decision is made whether to proceed, or terminate the application
  • LEA and parents are notified of the decision

5.    LEA and/or parent request an IEP/MDT meeting to discuss change of placement. WSSB must be present at this staffing.

6.    The IEP team approves change of placement or student remains in current program.

7.    If a change of placement is approved, an exit date with planned return to the LEA will be established.

8.    Entrance date established.

II.    Evaluations

Short term evaluations may be conducted by the school, not to exceed 10 days.

Short-term evaluations must be requested in writing by the referring school district delineating evaluation questions or areas to be addressed. No change of placement is required for short term evaluations.

All short term evaluations shall be conducted on a space available basis, or upon the recommendation of the admissions team, may be conducted in the LEA. The admissions team will determine what documentation is required prior to the student arriving for an evaluation.

WSSB will provide a written report to the local district with 10 days of the completion of the evaluation.

For evaluations requiring an extended period of time, the student must apply for enrollment and the process described under item I above shall be followed.