WSSB Outreach Access Services Mentor Program

The WSSB Outreach Access Services Mentor Program continues to grow.  Our Mentor Program will no longer be limited to OSPI/WSDS grant recipients but will be available to all Washington teachers in their first three years, as well teachers new to Washington state.  If this is you, we are excited to work with you!

The Mentor Program offers:

  • Support for those seeking TSVI, COMS, and CATIS certifications
  • Mentorship for TSVI, COMS, and CATIS professionals in their first three years or new to Washington
  • Remote and in-person coaching and mentor support
  • Access to a team of vision professionals with a range of experience
  • Monthly mentor webinars on topics relevant to new teachers

If you are interested in finding a mentor, or learning how our Mentor Program can help grow your district’s vision services, please contact Joe Dlugo,  for more information.  You can also learn more on our website: Vision Mentorship and Grant Program | Washington State School for the Blind.