PROCEDURE:                                                                                 DATE:  December 1987                 

                                                                                                            Revised:  October 1993                 

                                                                                                          Revised:  February 2001



SUBJECT:                 Travel Off Campus by Student


Prepared by:             James O. Bickford, Director of Education                       


Approved by:             Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Supt.



PURPOSE:   To insure the health and safety of students.


  I.  Every WSSB student shall have a current set of "Walking Papers" (see attachment) issued by a mobility instructor delineating areas off campus in which the student may inde­pendently travel.

A.   The availability of "Walking Papers" does not give the student the right to visit the designated objectives at will, only the permission to do so based upon staff consent.

B.   Supervising staff may deny the student permission to travel to the designated areas based upon their profes­sional judgment and current/prevailing conditions, i.e. weather, neighborhood unrest, etc.

C.   Students shall be a minimum of 13 years old to obtain off campus walking papers.  Students under the age of 13 shall always be accompanied by an adult when leaving campus.

D.   Students between the age of 13 and 16 shall always have a partner when leaving campus without an adult supervisor.

E.   Students 16 years of age and older shall be encouraged to have a partner when leaving campus.  Final discretion will be left to the supervising staff member.

F.    Written evidence of parental consent must be in place prior to issuing walking papers


 II.  Check out procedure


A.  Students provide

1.   Destination

2.   Activity

3.   Time of return


B.  Student requests permission from cottage staff or (during school day) Director of Education.

            1.   Mobility permission verified

            2.   Permission granted or denied


C.  Staff may require verification of activity.


III.  Students may not go to private residences without parental permission.


A.  WSSB may deny request for private visits, even with parental permission.

1.   If parental permissions are overridden by WSSB staff, parents will be notified with the reasons thereof.


B.  Private residence visitation requests require a minimum of a 24 hour notice.


 IV.Students found to be in violation of the above procedures will be subject to disciplinary action to include restric­tion and/or suspension.



Attachment:  "Walking Papers"