PROCEDURE:                                                                     DATE:            12-28-93

                                                                                                Reviewed:     October 1999                       



SUBJECT:                 Predator Reporting/Sharing


Prepared by:             Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem                             


Approved by:             Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Supt.



PURPOSE:   Whether we like it or not, sexual predators and child abductors live in our neighboring school districts.  In many cases these people have been identified by the police and this information can be shared with local schools.  Problem:  Schools need to be able to quickly share information from one district to another about dangerous situations. (ie.  children in one district reporting to the school and district about people following them.  This information needs to be sent out through an organized network.)


Solution:  The Clark County Sheriff's Office has agreed to be a network to screen these situations and disseminate to all county schools.


I.          If you are aware of situation as stated above.  Report this immediately to one of the directors or superintendent who will then call 699-2211 ext. 4214.  They will review the situation and disseminate information via FAX to all area schools.  (See the attached list).  If no one is present call 911.


II.         Parents will be informed about possible situations and their status. [If parents witness a similar situation they should dial 911].


III.        Staff will be informed of the situation and asked to be extremely cautious until they hear back from the schools administration or police.


Note:  See attached Clark County Sheriffs Contact Sheet, Parent Letter, and safety tips.