ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY                                                          Prepared:     March, 1994

PROCEDURE:                                                                                 Revised:       November, 1999



SUBJECT:               Classification Questionnaire


Prepared by:             Kim Shafer, Human Resource Consultant


Approved by:             Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent




The description of work assigned, as outlined in the Classification Questionnaire (CQ), will be used by the Department of Personnel to classify this position.  The CQ should be filled out and signed by the incumbent of the position.  If there is no incumbent, it should be filled out by the immediate supervisor of the position.  The CQ is not intended to measure how well the assigned duties are performed, but to find out the essential nature of the duties, responsibilities and requirements of the position so that it can be properly compared and classified in relation to other positions.




This procedure is written for positions already established.  The CQ should be reviewed annually as part of each employee’s annual performance evaluation process.


            Responsibility                                                                       Action

1.         Supervisor and Employee              The most current CQ should be reviewed by both the supervisor and the employee annually.


2.         Employee                                          If the CQ is three or more years old or if the duties, supervisor or employee have changed, a new CQ should be completed and marked “update” in section 7.


                                                                        Forward completed CQ to supervisor.


3.         Supervisor                                         Review CQ for accuracy.  Complete supervisor’s statement, sign and forward to the superintendent for review.


4.         Superintendent                                Review for accuracy, add comments, sign, date and forward to Human Resources.

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Subject:  Classification Questionnaire



5.         Human Resources                          Review for accuracy and process as appropriate.


                                                                        Copy and distribute to supervisor, employee and CQ file with the original to be filed in the employee’s personnel file.  If vacant, the original CQ will be filed in the CQ file.