POLICY: October 23, 1999

PROCEDURE: Updated: 10-99

Updated: 8-03



SUBJECT: Public Records Indexing


Reviewed by: WSSB Administrative Team

Approved by: Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent



Section I - Background


The Administrative Procedure Act and Public Records Law as modified by the Legislature in 1989 established rules that a system of indexing for the identification and location of certain public records be established by each state agency (RCW 42.17.260(4)).


The following records must be part of the public records index.

All records issued before July 1, 1990, for which the agency has maintained an index. 2) Final orders after June 30, 1990, issued in adjudicative proceedings as defined in RCW 34.05.010(1) and contain the decision. 3) Declaratory orders entered after June 30, 1990, that are pursuant to RCW 34.05.240 and the decision. 4) Interpretive statements as defined in RCW 34.05.010(8) entered into after June 30, 1990. 5) Policy statements as defined in RCW 34.05.010(14) that were entered after June 30, 1990.


Records retention officer for the school is the executive secretary to the superintendent.


Section II - Procedure

The following indexing of public records is required by RCW 42.17.260(4).


Personnel File Index - Personnel Office, WSSB

Employee Personnel Files which include but are not limited to: P-2s (Personnel Action Forms), performance evaluations, transcripts, HRDIS (training), and insurance information.

Classification Questionnaires (CQs)

Leave Slips

Nonpermanent Employees' Status and Hours

Bid Lists

Seniority Lists

Intermittent Lists

Affirmative Action Plan and Report

Page 2


Subject: Public Records Indexing



Employee Address Files

Service and Employee Award Files

Industrial Insurance Loss Control Claims Management Files

Immigration Reform Control Act Files (IRCA)

Employee and Volunteer Background Clearance

Union/Management Meeting Minutes,

Teachers Association and Wa. Federation of State Employees

Compensation Plan

Personnel Board Minutes

Merit System Rules

Legislative Bills and WACs (agency-related)

Salary Surveys - Comparable Worth

Position Reports

Personnel Handbook

Post Exposure Record (Hepatitis B and HIV)


Business Office Index - Business Office, WSSB

Official Budget Information

Records Retention Schedule for Business Records


Student Medical Information - WSSB Student Health Center

Medical Face Sheet on Each Student

General Permission Forms

Medical/Dental Insurance Coverage Forms

Immunization Forms

Physician's Exam Report

Audiologist Report

Low Vision Centers Evaluation

Physical Therapy Reports (when sent from PT)

General Nursing Notes and Medical Records


Student School Records Index - Irwin Building, WSSB

Records Officer for Student Files is the Director of Education Programs

Official Student Files:

Student Application Materials

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Subject: Public Records Indexing



Medical Records (secondary source)

Student Evaluation Information

General Correspondence

Academic Reports

IEP Compliance Documentation

IEP Progress Reports

Student Summer School File


Final Orders/Declaratory Orders/Interpretive Statements

These three may be located in three different locations depending on the nature of the orders or interpretive statement.

Personnel Issues - Personnel Office, WSSB

Business-related Issues - Business Office, WSSB

OSPI Compliance Reports - Superintendent's Office, WSSB

Accreditation Reports - Superintendent's Office, WSSB

Attorney General's Opinions - Superintendent's Office, WSSB

Governor's Executive Orders - Superintendent's Office, WSSB

School-wide Implications - Superintendent's Office, WSSB


Record Index Update Procedure:


1. The Record Index is updated on a continual basis as needed.


2. Copies of the index will be made available at no charge upon request to the public records officer for the agency.


3. All aspects of confidentiality will be followed in regard to school or agency records. This will vary with the types of records being requested. WSSB personnel officer is the Rules Coordinator for these decisions along with advice from the attorney general's office appointee representing WSSB.


4.    Current Public Records Officer for WSSB: Secretary to the Supt.