PROCEDURE:                                                         Prepared:  February 5, 1991

                                                                                    Revised:   December 27, 1993

                                                                                    Revised:  October 1999

                                                                                    Updated:  January 9, 2006



SUBJECT:                 Board of Trustees Meetings Minutes


Prepared by:             Janet Merz, Administrative Assistant


Approved by:             Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent





Responsibility                                         Action


      1.   Superintendent's Secretary           1.   Will attend Board of Trustees meetings and make written record of minutes and e-mail to Board of Trustees for review. Copies will also be sent to Administrative Team members via e-mail.


                                                                        2.   Will post Board of Trutees meeting minutes on website and intranet with notation of “draft” until presented at next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting for approval.


2.   Board of Trustees                            1.   At the next Board meet­ing, will review, correct if necessary, and approve minutes.


3.   Superintendent/Board Chair         1.   Will sign approved minutes.               


4.   Superintendent's Secretary           1.   Will keep on file the official signed copy of the Board minutes. 


5.   Designated staff                               1.   Will post on website and intranet.