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Washington= State School for the Blind


Board of Trustees


Process for Open Forum



The following protocol will be followed by those seeking to present information to the Board of Trustees in an open forum.  The Board will schedule Open Forum= time at its quarterly Board meetings at the school.


Requests by the general public to present a topic in open forum must= be submitted in writing  at least= 3 days prior to a Board of Trustees meeting. Request should be sent to.=

board.secretary@wssb.= wa.gov


Fax:     &n= bsp;           (36= 0) 737-2120 (to the attention of “WSSB Board of Trustees Secretary”= ;)


Mailed:     = ;       Attention:  Board of Trustees Secretary

      =             &nb= sp;     Washington State School for the Blind

      =             &nb= sp;     2214 East 13th Street

      =             &nb= sp;     Vancouver, WA 98661<= /span>


  Reasons include:=



    Personnel related issues will not be brought forward to the Board of Trustees:


    • Washington State has an exhaustive process in place that guarantees each employee’s due process.  This information is shared wi= th all employees who either fall under the separate collective bargaining agreement and/or state merit system rules and regulations. =


    The Washington State School for the Blind is an advisory board appointed by the Governor and confirmed = by the Senate.  The Board does no= t set policies and procedures, but does provide advice to the school and is responsible to the Governor.