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Superintendent – Scott McCallum
Executive Assistant – Janet Kurz

Plant Manager – David Zilavy

Human Resources Director – Anne Baker
Human Resources Assistant – Jackie Tucker

Business Manager – Mary Sarate

Director of On-Campus Programs (Principal) – Sean McCormick
School/Residential Secretary –

Director of Off-Campus Programs (Outreach Services) – Pam Parker

Director of Transition- Lori Pulliam

Information Systems – Danya Borowski

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Director of Off-Campus ProgramsPam Parker

Itinerant TVI’s: (360)696-6321

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Plant Manager David Zilavy


Custodial Services

Custodial Supervisor Mickey Marshall  ext. 3321


  • (evening) –  ext. 4146
  • (day) –  ext. 4147

Custodial Cell Phone – (360)635-7542

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Business Office

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Director of Business Services Mary Sarate  ext. 3314
Fiscal Analyst Tesfa Amene  ext. 3316
Fiscal Analyst Joseph Hing  ext. 3318
Fiscal Analyst Sheryl Howe ext. 3319
Supply/Procurement Officer Amanda Pizzo  ext. 3317
Human Resources ManagerAnne Baker  ext. 3311

Administrative Assistant Jackie Tucker ext. 3312

The business office provides direction and oversight for all functions, compliance and activities of the Finance and Human Resources Departments including employee and labor relations, risk management, L&I, recruitment and selection, classification/compensation, benefits, training, payroll, budget, accounts payable and receivable, grants, audits, purchasing and contract development. 

The business office provides support to approximately 200 internal customers (staff and students) and 240 external customers.

Information Systems

Contact Info

IS Manager – Danya Borowski  ext. 3332
Digital Systems Technical Specialist – Ed Lukowski  ext. 3333
Help Desk Support – Mike Face  ext. 4134

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Ogden Resource Center

Contact Info

Director Jennifer Merry  ext. 3340
Braille Coordinator Kandi Lukowski  ext. 3344
Braille Coordinator –   ext. 3346
Proofreader Adrienne Lattin  ext. 3345
Warehouse Operator Justin Raner  ext. 3341
Warehouse Operator –   Ian Goodrich ext. 3342

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Director of  On-Campus Programs – Sean McCormick

Residential Program Manager – Corey Grandstaff
Chapman Cottage – (Boys)  ext. 3284
Clarke Cottage – (Boys)  ext. 3282
Hall Cottage – (Girls)  ext. 3283
Watson Cottage – (Girls)  ext. 3281
Health Center Robin Williams & Justine Mings ext. 3388
Recreation Center –  ext. 4051

Residential Life Counselors (RLC):


Contact Info

Director of On-Campus Programs Sean McCormick ext. 3307
Curriculum and Assessment Director Jennifer Langley ext. 3353
Administrative School Secretary – ext. 3309
School Secretary Christa Chandler  ext. 4141
Hudson’s Bay Liaison –  Pat Wilber  ext. 3366
Occupational Therapist –  Ashlee Young  ext. 4139
O & M Instructors –  Judy Koch-Smith  ext. 3358  or  Doug Trimble  ext. 3365
Recreation/Volunteer Coordinator –  Adrienne Fernandez  ext. 3290
Short Courses –  Jeff Bowler  ext. 3354
Special Services/Counseling –  Billie Jo Thomas  ext. 4140
Speech Pathologist –  Linda Hagood  ext.
Transition Services –  Steve Lowry  ext. 3359

Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI):


Arts & Crafts –  ext. 4156
Audiology Clinic –  ext. 4129
Band/Lesson Room –  ext. 3353
Computer Lab –  ext. 3363
Daily Living Skills Room –  ext. 3352
Kennedy 1st Aid Room –  ext. 3394
Kennedy Fitness Room –  ext. 4154
Library –  ext. 4134
Lounge (Irwin Teachers) –  ext. 4155
Music Room –  ext. 3353
Student Store –  ext. 4051
Wood Shop –  ext. 4157

Birth to Three

Contact Info

Director DeEtte Snyder  ext. 3305
Early Intervention Specialist Cindy McAlexander  ext. 3380

Food Service

Contact Info

Supervisor Bob Lonnee  ext. 3291
Lead Worker Karen Quillard  ext. 4127
Cook 1 William Carroll  ext. 4126

Dining Room/Kitchen –  ext. 4125


Contact Info

Student Transportation – Christa Chandler  (360)947-3278
Student Transportation/Day –   ESD 112 (360)750-7510
Campus Vehicle Scheduling –  ext. 3312
Air Transportation Monitor (cell) (360)831-1143
Charter Bus “Taco” Monitor (cell) (360)921-0044
Charter Bus “Bell” Monitor (cell) (360)608-7829


Contact Info

Director Lori Pulliam  ext. 3279

LIFTT – Learning Independence For Today and Tomorrow – a program to teach skills for adulthood to young adults who are blind/visually impaired.

Low Vision Clinic

Contact Info

Dr. Christi Closson –  ext. 3323
Appointment SchedulingJanet Kurz  ext. 3302

Department of Services for the Blind (DSB)

Contact Info

Phone: (360)696-6238
Fax: (360)690-4663

Washington State Department of Services for the Blind (DSB) provides training, counselling, and support to help Washington residents of all ages, who are blind or visually impaired, pursue employment, education, and independent living. Our goal is “Inclusion, Independence, and Economic Vitality for People with Visual Disabilities.”