Given the COVID-19 pandemic, WSSB is closing On-Campus educational programs beginning Monday, March 16th through April 24thStudents will be transported home on Friday, March 13th, as regularly scheduled.   Since there will not be any On-Campus programs, no transportation will occur on Sunday, March 15th.  All previously planned recreation and sports activities are canceled or will be rescheduled.  This includes the powerlifting meet on March 21st.       

Please be sure to call and excuse your students absence by calling 360-947-3292 or emailing


Please check your email for links and resources on what your local district is offering for food service.


Just a reminder parents and students must sign up for recreation events the week prior to Adrienne.  For day students please remember that if your student is staying for any after school activities please call the office at 360-947-3292 or email as well as cancel the bus with ESD112 by calling 360-750-7510.