Use of Vehicles for State Business

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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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SUBJECT: Use of Vehicles for State Business

I. State Vehicles:  The School for the Blind has a small fleet of vehicles that are available for use by school employees and volunteers. These vehicles need to be used for school business.  Reimbursement for use of private vehicles will not be provided unless prior authorization has been given by the superintendent.

  1. Requests for use of state vehicles need to be made by scheduling a vehicle through either the Administra­tion Office, 696-6321, ext. 100, or the Irwin Office, 696-6321, ext. 141, or for vehicles requiring a driver, 696-6321, ext. 141.
  2. State vehicles are to be used only for state business. Transporting individuals for other than state business is not permissible.

II. Personal Vehicles: To protect employees against liability risk in transporting WSSB students:

  1. WSSB employees/volunteers are not to transport WSSB students in their private vehicles except in cases of an emergency when a state vehicle is not available.
  2. Employees/volunteers are to use school vehicles for transporting students during their working/volunteer hours.
  3. Employees transporting students in their own vehicles on their own time are liable in the case of acci­dents.

NOTE: If transporting a student in your own vehicle on school time, if an accident occurs, your private insurance has the primary responsibility for coverage until it is exhausted. At that time, the state will accept responsibil­ity only if it was an authorized trip.

NOTE: All state employees or volunteers must have proof of a valid state driver's license prior to transporting students.