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Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
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Sue Bishop, Director of Residential Services
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Article 9 (Washington Federation of State Employees, Collective Bargaining Agreement: Intra-Institutional Transfers and Voluntary Demotions):

Local Management shall establish and maintain a referral system for employee requests for transfer and voluntary demotion within each agency.  Such requests shall indicate the employee’s choice(s) of work location, shift, and days off.  In the case of requests for voluntary demotion, they shall also state the classification to which demotion is being requested. These requests must be renewed by the employee every six (6) months to remain active, however, they may be withdrawn by the employee at any time.  Any requests submitted subsequent to the date a position becomes vacant shall not be considered for that vacancy.

A vacancy will be considered to have occurred on the date which an employee notifies management in writing or management notifies an employee in writing, that on a specific future date the employee will no longer be in that position.

Whenever a position becomes vacant, Local Management shall first review the local transfer request list to determine if the vacancy can be filled by individuals already requesting transfer to positions of similar circumstance. Management shall consider all such requests in order of the longest period of current unbroken state service.  Each senior employee considered, but not appointed, shall be notified in writing with a statement of reasons as to why he/she was not appointed.

If there are no requests for transfer on file, the Local Management shall consider those requesting Voluntary Demotion following the same procedure as outlined above.

When an employee has accepted a requested transfer or voluntary demotion, the employee will be committing himself/herself to request no other transfers or demotions for a minimum of six months.

Staff requesting transfer or voluntary demotion consideration, and who refuse those opportunities when available, shall have their names removed from the referral system for a period of six months from the date of refusal.


STEP 1:  Transfer Request Card Form                         


  1. Transfer request “Bid” cards are available from the WSSB Personnel Office.
  2. The form is completed and submitted by the employee and returned to the WSSB Personnel Office.
  3. Upon receipt, the card is date stamped on the reverse side and placed in the Transfer Request file.

COMMENT:  The purpose of the form is to make known the work preferences of the employee.  The employee can give preference for desired location, desired shift, and desired days off.  The form also indicates whether or not a voluntary demotion is involved.  Bids will not be accepted for posts that are not in the same job classification.


STEP 2: When Vacancy Occurs                                               


  1. All valid “Bids” are examined to determine those employees desiring a transfer to a particular position.

STEP 3: Multiple Submitted Requests                          


  1. When there are several requests submitted for the same vacancy, the person with the longest period of current unbroken state service will be considered first for the position.

COMMENT:  Each senior employee considered, but not appointed, shall be notified in writing with a statement of reasons as to why he/she was not appointment.

STEP 4: When employee accepts new post.                 


  1. When an employee accepts the post with designated location, hours, and days off, a new vacancy occurs and the process goes to Step 2.
  2. The employee, upon acceptance, is ineligible to make additional transfer requests for six (6) months.

STEP 5:  When the employee refuses offer of new post.         


  1. In the event the employee rejects the post offered, they are ineligible to be a part of the transfer request process for a period of six (6) months.
  2. The next most senior employee is then considered for the position.

STEP 6:  When there are no transfer requests on file:


  1. The Superintendent, or designee, will consider all requests on file for voluntary demotion.
  2. A notice of vacancy is posted to give additional opportunity for current staff to voluntarily request transfer.

STEP 7:                                                                        

  1. Prior to a vacancy, the individual employee may remove any or all transfer requests that may be on file in the WSSB Personnel Office.
  2. It is the responsibility of the employee to keep all BIDS current (i.e. they are valid for only six months following submission). They may be renewed by following the process described.