Telephone Use

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
Janet Kurz, Executive Assistant
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SUBJECT: Telephone Use                             

  1. Calls made to other phones on campus can be made by dialing extension number of party to be called.
  2. Upon request, employees traveling on school business will be provided with a school issued SCAN PLUS credit card for making long distance calls while away from the work site.  When employees are away from home on school business, they are entitled to make one brief personal call home each day they are required to be away.
  3. Students are allowed to make and receive calls from family on an as needed basis.  This will be monitored by staff.
  4. Personal calls made during work hours follow the state’s guidelines for de minimus use.
  5. The school has cellular phones which are provided to some employees at certain times and in certain circumstances when safety of students or staff will be enhanced by their use.  These phones are for EMERGENCY use only.  Staff, students, and parents should be aware that both incoming and outgoing calls are billed to the school, so calls should be made only when necessary and kept as brief as possible.