Hazardous Conditions/Winter Storms {Procedure)

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintendent
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To make sure that WSSB continues to provide services to children when students are on campus and employees are not able to get to work and to provide a written procedure to follow should the school experience a school closure and/or delay.

Day Student Transportation:

  1. ESD Transportation Director contacts Craig Meador (home 360-574-8815) to inform him that day student transportation has been canceled or delayed (or Dean O. Stenehjem at home 360-887-0824).
  • The ESD is responsible to place this notice on the local radio and television stations.
  • The ESD is responsible to make sure that all parents of Day Students have been notified.
  1. Typically when Day Student Transportation has been canceled WSSB continues to have school due to the fact that we are a residential school.

Residential Student:

  1. Residential Students will continue to attend classes on the normal schedule unless otherwise notified.  This notification could include:
  • No school, in which case the Residential Director would need to plan for additional staffing during the day.
  • Delayed school starting, in which case the Residential Director would need to plan for additional coverage until school begins.  This can often occur by asking teachers, teachers aides and others that are able to get to work to help out in the cottages.
  • Friday—the Superintendent or Director of Residential Services, together with the carriers, shall make a decision regarding the safety of students traveling:
    • If weather conditions warrant, transportation shall be cancelled/postponed and parents will be notified by phone.
    • Until such time as it is safe to travel, students shall remain on campus.
  • Sunday—if weather conditions warrant, the Superintendent or Director of Residential Services, together with the common carriers, will determine if it is safe to travel.  If a decision is made to postpone transportation, parents will be notified of the change.

Staff Reporting to Work:

In the event of a school closure or late start, WSSB will notify employees through the use of the attached phone tree, and a message will be placed on the General School Mail Box about the delay or closure.  This will be the responsibility of the secretary in the front office: Wonder Baldwin, with back up by Janet Merz, secretary to the superintendent.  Employees will be asked to proceed to work when they view travel as safe. We do expect employees to arrive as soon as possible, based upon their judgment of road conditions.  Should an employee not be able to make it to work they will need to follow the state’s procedure for Inclement Weather to account for their absence:

If the work location is fully operational, but the employee is unable to report to, or remain at work due to inclement weather or a natural disaster, then the employee should take leave in the following order: 

  1. Any earned compensatory or exchange time;
  2. Accrued vacation leave;
  3. Accrued sick leave up to three days; or
  4. Leave without pay.  If the employee reports to work, but is late, he/she is allowed up to one hour paid time with the remainder to be taken as leave as listed above in accordance with WAC 356-18-115.