Computers from Home/Residential Students

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Policy Prepared By
Renee Corso, Director of Residential Services and Sherry Hahn, Digital Research and Curriculum Coordinator, IT Supervisor
Policy Category


To insure proper permission is obtained when Residential Students bring computers from home to use at WSSB.

Privately Owned Computer Equipment Acknowledgement Form

  1. Students who bring their own personal computer, computer equipment, or computer software from home, must obtain permission from the WSSB.
  2. Personal equipment and software will be furnished by the individual. All personal computers must have a current version of virus protection.
  3. Repair and maintenance of personal equipment will be the responsibility of the student or family.
  4. WSSB will be responsible for network support.
  5. Services provided by WSSB will be Internet access, printer access to Irwin, and a shortcut to a personal file folder on the student file server.
  6. Gaggle accounts are subject to WSSB review and deletion, at any time with or without notice.
  7. WSSB’s Network, and the messages transmitted and documents created on it, are the property of WSSB.
  8. WSSB will supervise the use of such property when in common areas. When the personal property is used in a student’s bedroom, random checks will be conducted by WSSB technology staff to ensure rules and regulations of computer use are followed.
  9. Systems may take up to one week to be scheduled for setup.

I have read and agree to comply with the information contained in the document:

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Please send a copy to:  Irwin Principal, Residential Supervisor and IT Department