Cellular Phone Usage (Procedure)

Policy Approve By
Dr. Dean O. Stenehjem, Superintedent
Policy Date (original policy date)
Revised (date text was last updated)
Policy Prepared By
Mary Sarate, Business Manager
Policy Category

Use of cellular phones may significantly enhance our ability to communicate in an emergency situation, when regular office telephone services are not available.


  1. Cellular phones are to be used for official school business.
  2. Personal cell phone use should be de minimis and only be used in emergency situations.
  3. Cellular phones are considered to be a small attractive asset therefore they must be safeguarded when not in use.
  4. A department need not always acquire additional equipment to take advantage of cellular phone.
  5. A cellular phone may be shared within a department having only intermittent needs for a cellular phone.

Business Office and supervisory staff will monitor cellular phone charges to assure there are no abuses occurring.  Billings will be reviewed to ascertain that all calls were for official business only.  In the event a cellular phone is used for non-business calls, inadvertently or in an emergency, the employee will be charged for those calls.