Talk O Tuesday

Please share this valuable Family Resource Night info with your families.   “Talk O Tuesdays” are on the second Tuesday of every month from 6 to 7pm and are geared to family connection and information.

As you are getting ready to have students come back to school, parents/families/caregivers are also getting their kiddos ready to GO back to school.  Often parents wonder if their school is ready for their student and want to help.  In September, we will celebrate Back to School by exploring what “readiness” means for young children who are blind or have low vision.  We will revisit the concept of individualization of Special Education and also how to assist schools to also be “ready” for our kiddos of any age! This will be an open conversation where Krista and DeEtte provide some resources (ideas and strategies) to assist families as they “ready” for an IEP meeting or introduction to a new teacher. 

Please have families register to receive the secure Zoom link via email, which will be sent 1 week prior to meeting.   Note: Only family registrations will be accepted as this is a family event NOT a professional development activity for teachers or educational providers.  Thank you for understanding our protection of this family time to connect with each other. 

Registration Link:  Talk O Tuesday

Also…we are always looking for new topics and resources to bring to families.  Please share your ideas with us!  Thanks to you all and HAPPY FALL!! 

Email DeEtte at or Krista at